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Sango - How a Yoruba General became a God-King is a work of fiction by A. Olumofin.  The tale is about the unenviable things Sango has to do to protect the Oyo kingdom from falling into the hands of a rival tribe - The Buzumus.


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The comic Book

Sango – How a Yoruba General Became A God-King.

Is an African comic book about one of Africa’s greatest legends. While the story in this comic book is a work of fiction, Sango was in fact one of the most powerful rulers the Yoruba kingdom ever had.

Sango’s reign as King was so legendary that he was deified upon his death and is worshipped by followers of the Yoruba religion in Nigeria, Cameroon, other parts of West Africa and even in countries like Brazil, Venezuela and Haiti in the Americas.

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Sango – 10 Things to know.

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